10+ Awesome Vintage Antique Edwardian Decor Apartment in NYC

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Vintage antique decor ideas are not for everyone but if you can apply this décor style in your house then you are so blessed!
Edwardian decor style is often mistaken as Victorian. However, both styles have different distinctive design elements. In case you are up for vintage yet antique decor style for your apartment, the Edwardian style might inspire you.

Talking about the Edwardian decor style, a few main elements must be met in the first place. For starters, the flooring is highly polished and wrapped by rugs. This style doesn’t use carpets as the main elements. Even though this style was popular during the reign of Queen Victoria, oriental themes are favored. Thus, the room might be cluttered with a lot of ornaments and patterns.

As part of the vintage antique decor ideas, this decor style uses a lot of floral designs and pastel color palettes such as subtle greys, lilac, leafy greens, and primrose. The thing that wants to be achieved by this decor style is light yet airy feel even though it features a lot of curvy features.

Decorating an Edwardian room doesn’t need too many details for accessories since the entire room has featured a lot of details. You better not overdo the decoration and stick to a few key pieces. For instance, putting Edwardian china set on display is much better than incorporating a lot of accessories. This makes an elegant display whether you put it in the living room or dining room.

It’s safe to say that the Edwardian style is a good way to decorate a room with a more expensive yet cluttered Victorian style. Its airy colors, art nouveau ornaments, floral wallpapers will give a unique look to your room especially if you are up for vintage antique decor ideas.

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