18+ Smart and Easy DIY String Art Ideas and Patterns on Wood

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Looking to try your hand at DIY string art on wood? It’s an inspiring craft to do and here are some creative ideas and patterns for you to get started.

You can easily tell why string art craft is all the rage among the DIYers. There’s no limit at how many creative things you can with it. It’s all about the inspiration. And a beautiful piece can make a brilliant rustic decor accent. Especially if you choose the right wood board to go with it. We’ve picked up 19 of the most creative DIY string art projects that you can replicate yourself.

What Do You Need to Make String Art on Wood?

Here’s the list of the basic material you will need to make string art on wood:

  • Wood block or wood (crafting) board;
  • Tack nails;
  • Tracing paper;
  • A patter printout;
  • Crafting yarn.
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