24+ Luxury Country Living Room Design Ideas

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Luxury country living room ideas could be a perfect thing for you if you need something classy without going too glamorous. A country decoration style is generally the combination of a little bit of the past and splash of the present. With the right setting, it could reach a timeless look without even trying.

You might love this decor style due to its neutral colors, organic materials, and harmonious lines of the past and the present. It’s not that hard to go traditional or modern with a country decor style. You don’t need to push anything into a rustic look but it still incorporates organic materials as its best. One of the most blatant things of this decor style is its open concept.

The open floor concept is not what you have to do when you try to implement this style in your living room. However, the luxury country living room ideas recommend the open concept to boost the luxury feel in the room. Combining industrial lighting and comfy furnishings, for instance, instantly blooms the vibe of country style.

Another way to reach this style but with a splash of color is by introducing a country style with other home decor trends. Bring the patterns to the rug and throws along with some textures. Putting patterned throw covers one a solid-colored sofa is going to make a stunning eclectic vibe in your country living room.

On the other hand, you can always go all-rustic by integrating natural yet organic construction materials to your living room interior space. Let the ceiling beams, concrete walls, and metal elements come into one place. The combination will create a luxurious feel in an organic room. Achieving a luxurious look doesn’t always mean going glittery and blinky. For more luxury country living room ideas, please check out the pictures below.

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