35+ Unique Copper Sink Designs For Kitchen and Bathroom

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Unique copper sink ideas are always a good selection if you want to go a little bit antique. You can use copper sinks in the kitchen and bathroom since it could glam up the room. Copper sinks are closely associated with several distinctive decor styles such as rustic and country even though smooth sinks are widely used in modern kitchens.

Its finishes look excellent and antique without even trying. Copper sinks are available in hammered ones and smooth ones. You may find various finishes from dark to shiny and colored in chocolate tone. You may love copper sinks for their malleable and very soft metal.

Other than that, as long as you choose a quality one, the sink is made of 99 percent of pure copper, and the rest is made up of zinc. In case you will buy a copper sink, make sure the unit comes with a lead-and-mercury-free certificate. Some sinks are imported and priced lower. However, those are made of mixed metals. The choice is yours though.

When you shop for unique copper sink ideas, you also need to check the gauge. A thicker gauge sink is less prone to dents yet much stronger in general. However, this type is priced higher. You can find the “cold rolled” which is used for marking the 16 gauge. This is the minimum number.

Copper sinks have a natural antimicrobial property. You may love this material because of its reusable and recyclable features. Even though smooth sinks look more modern and sleeker, hammered copper sinks are stronger and more durable.

Another good thing about this material is that the look gets more interesting and deeper when it aged. However, make sure you don’t pour too much acidic liquid or foods over the copper. Acidic substances could damage the patina. Yet, you need to run waxing regularly. For more unique copper sink ideas, check out the pictures below.

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