40+ Creative DIY Fairy Garden Design Ideas

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DIY fairy garden ideas will help you to enjoy your free time and survive this quarantine. At some point, you may buy this fairy garden. However, when the demand is higher, you may expect a jump of price. Thus, making a DIY fairy garden would be a nice thing to do. Below you can see some pictures of fairy garden ideas you can make at home. Before that, check out these quick tips to create a fairy garden that won’t break your budget.

You will need a container or anything for the base. When you choose a base or container or tall tray, make sure it has a drainage hole. Even though the garden seems small and hobbit-like, you still need to water the plants.

The soil must be light and good but you don’t need fertilizer. You can add fertilizer later after deciding the plants. If you plant mostly succulents in the fairy garden, you won't need much fertilizer then.

Trying one from the DIY fairy garden ideas will require you to check how much soil you put on the base. Make sure you fill it up to the rim. You don’t want the soil to sink down after you water it. Putting the accessories is the next step. This is the most fun part after all. Feel free to choose the accessories and lay every item where you want.

You need to plant larger plants first. The houses, benches, fences, and the rest can be done after the big plants. If you plan to include beach sands or gravels, put them for later so it won’t mix up with the soil. You can also add a weed barrier underneath the sand or gravel. There you can have your fairy garden. For more interesting DIY fairy garden ideas, check out the pictures below.

image source : pinterest.com

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