40 Organized Stylish Bookshelves Design Ideas For Your Living Room

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Decorating a living room is a big project to do. Since the living room is one of the most important rooms at home, having a special decoration will pleasant you in many ways. With a good living room decor, we are sure that every person who comes to your home will be amazed and they will feel a comfortable room.

Well, to decorate a living room, these are many decoration ideas to consider. Of course, you are free to choose the style of the living room decor based on your personality.

When you are q person who loves reading books, placing big bookshelves could be the great idea of a living room decor to apply. The bookshelf will increase the artistic sense and of course, it will deliver a special sense on the room decoration.

To apply this idea of the living room decoration, first you need to choose the space of the living room to place the bookshelves. For example, you choose the side of the wall that covers the big window. This idea is good because you will see a window covered by books.

The next thing to do is choosing the shelves. Here, you are free to choose the kind of shelves. It is nice when you apply the DIY bookshelves, so you could make it based on the real condition of your living room.

Making a shelf with high-quality wooden material is the key. Plywood maybe could be your best option since it is strong enough and inexpensive. On another hand, do not forget to choose the right color.

About coloring, you could choose the color based on the theme of decoration. When your living room shows the modern style, the bright color as white is the best option. On this page we have some samples of this living room decor idea. See the samples and find your own inspiration!

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