50+ Lovely Cottage Kitchen Design Ideas

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Cottage kitchen ideas could be the inspiration for your next kitchen remodeling project. But, what things should be in a cottage kitchen? Below, there are several pictures of the cottage kitchen. Other than that, you can check out a few tips before remodeling your kitchen with a cottage decor style.

The most blatant thing in a cottage kitchen is open shelving as well as plate racks. To enhance the cottage look, you will use corbels and brackets. Of course, keeping all things simple is what you need to do. If you want to remodel your kitchen with a cottage decor style, you can simply remove the cabinet doors.

Cottage kitchen ideas also feature an airy feel, abundantly. Open shelving and plate racks are just part of the entire look. If privacy is not the main concern, using paned glass would be a good idea. Replacing the upper cabinet’s doors with glass-front models will be a delight for the style. Meanwhile, you can hide the clutter by using curtains.

When keeping anything white and clean could enhance the cottage vibe, you can incorporate some well-worn surfaces into the room. The floors, furniture, and cabinetry can benefit from this worn look. Imperfection is a priceless beauty.

Also, don’t forget to use wood flooring as much as you can for the kitchen. The flooring is one of the strongest things in the kitchen that create a cottage feel. If you are not sure what material to pick, feel free to consult a professional. Since the kitchen is a high-duty area with a lot of spill possibilities, you cannot randomly pick flooring materials only from the look.

There are a lot of things you can do with your kitchen to get a cottage look. The good thing is that we have several pictures of cottage kitchen ideas that you can check out below.

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