8+ Inspiring Easy DIY Pillow Cover Ideas

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DIY pillow cover ideas below will show you how interesting making stuff for your house. However, you may need to choose the right fabric or it will flop. There are some options of fabrics you can choose for your pillow cover. Besides style and preference, it depends on the available budget.

Quilting fabric, for instance, is generally cotton designed for quilting. This material is available in tons of patterns and colors. Other than that, quilting fabrics are excellent for smaller scale prints. Upholstery fabric is the heaviest and thickest option for pillow covers. This material is the most durable though.

We recommend decor fabric materials for DIY pillow cover ideas. The characteristic of this material is suitable for pillow covers, curtains, and light upholstery for dining chairs, benches, stools, and many more. This fabric type is available in some textures, prints, and solid colors. Compared to quilting fabrics, the patterns are usually larger.

Making pillow covers will be excellent if you use decor fabrics. Quilting fabrics are sometimes too thin and need to be lined if you want to use it for a pillow front. Yet, this material is good for a pillow back though.

On the other hand, upholstery is too thick. It might be a bit difficult to sew especially by hand. If you use a heavy-duty sewing machine that commonly used for sewing jeans then it may work. After choosing the material, you also need to consider the size of the fabrics. Decor fabrics and quilting fabrics are available in half yard and fat quarter cuts, suitable for DIY projects.

In case you want to mix and match several fabrics in one room, make sure that all patterns can work together. One pattern cannot be too dominant from each other though. If you are not sure how to choose the patterns, you may want to see these DIY pillow cover ideas below.

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