8+ Simple Design Tips to Make a Small Garden Pretty

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Small garden design ideas might be something you are looking for right now. Since having a garden – even though it’s small – is such a blessing, you need to make the most of that tiny outdoor space. Other than that, some simple touches could make your small garden turns out prettier.

As we have mentioned earlier, it’s such a blessing to have a small garden at your home. It stands out beautifully while it requires minimum maintenance. You can even decide the vibe and atmosphere of your small garden through your simple design.

For instance, bringing in different levels to your garden will create a dramatic effect. If the existing space is possible, you can raise the lawn or create a sunken terrace. Of course, you need steps and ledges to accommodate the transition. This space can be used for planting extra pots of plants or spots to sit. Small garden design ideas can be a way to show off the boldness of your garden.

Another simple thing you can do for your garden is to utilize hooks and shelves. You will never have too much storage in the kitchen and this term also applies to your garden, especially a small one. It helps to clear up the floor space and allows you to decorate your small garden with beautiful plants and pots. Also, this is a good spit to hand lanterns and other lighting solutions to outdoor space!

When you find “small” in a sentence, it means that you need to be creative. The space is limited yet you need to decorate your small garden as it should be. Thus, utilizing vertical space or walls would be a good idea. It can be living walls or a spot to hand wall lamps. For more small garden design ideas, check out the pictures below.

image source : pinterest.com

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